A Professional for professionals

A specialist in marketing materials, binders and folders, Kansiopalvelu is the Nordic marketing leader and manufacturer of high-end products. When your goal is to produce Binders and marketing materials that accurately define your corporate identity, present information, or even distribute your Christmas chocolates in style, Kansiopalvelu Pro offers you outstanding professionalism and cost-efficiency.

Innovations that meet the requirements of your corporate identity

Diversity is an asset. Kansiopalvelu has been actively developing products since 1967. The gallery below showcases our products, which can be tailored to meet your varying requirements. Kansiopalvelu Pro’s production concept enables the creation of completely new designs and innovations, so when your company needs individual and unique special products we will gladly help you to realise them.

Respect for nature

Kansiopalvelu Pro wants to preserve the environment. One of our most important goals is to produce environmentally friendly products, that consume as little natural resources as possible over their life cycle. In addition to the principles of sustainable development we cherish the virtues of friendly, efficient and first-rate customer service. Take a look at our gallery, be inspired and contact us!

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