Everything started when a entrepreneu, Orvo Kiesi, stepped into a tiny little binder shop in Paris.

He recognized a binder covered with fabric from old jeans. This small, sympathetic product was the reason for a new beginning for his publishing company in Finland.

The small factory of Kansiopalvelu started to produce new binders and expand its production to new products, methods and materials. The company grew step by step and opened an office in the capital city of Finland, Helsinki.


Today Kansiopalvelu employs 13 staff members at the Sysmä factory and in the headquarters in Helsinki. It's is higly focusing on delivering high quality service along the way of designing and ordering printed materials. Kansiopalvelu is able to serve global corpotrations, but also small to medium size companies, because of it's reasonable pricing for each company.

The company is the market leader in the entire Nordic region; the company’s future growth is in the hands of two of the next generation of entrepreneurs, Stig and Anne Lindström.

We <3 Nature

We care about the nature

One of the cornerstones of Kansiopalvelu's product development is to find the most environmentally friendly methods and materials. Most of the cartons and paper Kansiopalvelu uses have been certificated by EU or PEFC/FSC